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O N I O N . G I R L S

The Works of Amet & Sephy

Sephy et Amet; Works
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i n f o r m a t i o n;

Onion Girls is the creative community of Amet & Sephy of winter-bornNET. Feel free to join the community if you'd like to see what we're up to.

w a r n i n g s;

point 1. The bulk of the fiction herein is based on the works of other authors/mangaka/animators/etc unless otherwise noted. We are not personally affiliated with any large corporations, and thus we can all assume that we're gacking these characters without permission. We make no profit and have no money, so suing us would be just this side of futile.

point 2. On the other hand, all original fiction on this community are original concepts and characters. They are the property of ourselves and whatever cowriters we might have. We thank you not to be a monkey and run off with any of said concepts or characters.

point 3. And finally, all of the fiction here is written with an adult audience in mind. It may not all be sexual, violent, or gay, but more often than not you'll be dealing with one or more of the three as you would with just about any novel you pick up out of the fiction section at Barnes and Noble. Check your labels and read responsibly -- those warnings are on there for a reason.



s i t e s;
winter-born.NET; (domain)
Onion Girls; (recent writing)
Fallen Icons; (older writing)
Boston BJD Cult; (Local Doll forum)
Light Up; (Subaru/Kamui)
Rose and Freesia; (Aya/Omi)
Phantom Moon; (Yami no Matsuei)

f a n l i s t s;
The Sick Rose; (Sumeragi Subaru; X/1999)
Reach For Me; (Heero x Duo; Gundam Wing)
Light Up; (Subaru/Kamui; X/1999)
Rose and Freesia; (Aya/Omi; Weiss Kreuz)
Love Letters to Nobody; (Sena; Weiss Gluhen)
Elementary; (Takamura Suoh; CCD)
the Spirit We; (Myoubi/Ryouko; Alichino)
Video; (Fujii Wataru; Ring Finger)

a note on searching this journal:  The entries here are memorized, but the limitations of how many categories we can put entries under makes labeling multifandom posts tricky. The easiest way to insure you find everything you're looking for is to hit up the tags, which are more specific. (Or hit up whatever site on winter-bornNET the material you're looking for is archived on, but that takes more effort. ^~) 12.29.2010 Scratch that; our sites are currently in the midst of being overhauled, so please stick to the tags for now.