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Name der Rose (0/5ish +prologue): Kingdom Hearts

TITLE: Name der Rose (0/5ish)
AUTHOR: Amet (amet)
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
SUMMARY: This is your mess, boy. Now it's time to clean it up.
PAIRINGS: Riku/Roxas(Sora) Confusing enough?
WARNINGS: Angst, I suppose. More warnings as the story progresses.
SPOILERS: If you don't know who Roxas is, maybe a little.
ARCHIVED: Onion Girls
FEEDBACK: Yes please! ^.^
THANKS: To sephyelysian, because duh. ♥

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This isn't much, but I think putting out the prologue will get my ass in gear on writing the rest. The muses are eating me, for all that they're not helping me get anything actually typed up.

This is basically the long Roxas/Riku TWT thingy that's been banging around in my head for a while now. It'll probably contradict the sketchy timeline we have for the space between CoM and KH2 in some spots, but is essentially canon based as much as I can manage. Expect eventual citrus, a million Disney cameos and general whiny boy emo-ness.

Name der Rose
A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction
by Amet

0; The Shell

It hurts.

More than Roxas expected, movements faltering as he slams Oblivion shank-deep into the hip of a chittering Shadow--a man not half an hour ago, he remembers broad features contorting in shock as the swarm of Heartless overcame the burly human, thick fingers dropping the impromptu club the man had been swinging to defend his family as they disappeared in a final burst of fetid darkness--cleaving it in half as another rises up from the pool of darkness shimmering beneath him, clammy pseudo-hands reaching out as if in entreaty. He hates this, hates the cold spike of anxiety as he crushes another with Oathkeeper's bow, filigree biting like teeth as the creature crumbles beneath his hand in a shower of ash and an explosion of light. Its Heart is freed, joining the backwards rain of shooting Hearts headed for the Dark City.

Axel is giving him that look as he moves, the one—that says he knows, he knows, he understands so why pretend any longer that there's no feeling here?--the Superior has warned him to be wary of, and Roxas knows that for all the trash he talks Number VIII is just a human-loving idiot grasping at his lost mortality like it's anything to mourn, like they have the capacity to mourn in the first place. Roxas hates that look, hates the feel of it crawling across his skin in this place where he feels--human, almost, and is this what it is to care?--a building pressure in his chest where his Heart should be with every thunk of the keyblade's teeth into viscous dark-flesh, the Heartless before him and the few remaining humans cowering behind him as he destroys them grating on his last nerve.

He's acutely aware that he's not supposed to have a last nerve, but there's no controlling the violent flare of anger as one of the women--she doesn't look to be much older than him, but the child clinging to her hip says otherwise--lays a shaking hand on his shoulder as he cuts down an advancing Neo Shadow, babbling her thanks. His elbow flashes out before he's fully aware of his attempts to shake her off--skin burning from the contact, her hands are too warm--and it's almost funny how little pressure it takes to dislodge her, unbalance her, and then she's tumbling over the rail--weakened by the fire, Axel's not taking prisoners tonight--into the river below, into the waiting arms of the Heartless who surge and tear at her until she explodes into shimmering light, a Heart bursting forth just long enough to coalesce and darken into another grasping creature, falling to earth.

The pain doubles, triples, until Roxas is absently clenching a fist over the place where his heart would be as he stares numbly over the side at the place where she hit ground, ignoring the terrified shrieking of the humans as they finally realize that their savior... isn't.

One of them hits the scorched planks of wood beside him, screeching and clutching at its leg. Number II steps gamely over it, hefting his weapon over a shoulder, the red of its laser sight dancing wildly against the backdrop of Axel's flames.

"Dude," Xigbar says as he draws level with Roxas, staring down at the creatures in the river speculatively, "I have my moments of not-so-niceness, but that? Was harsh. Way harsh."

Roxas scowls, petulantly reaching out to behead a Shadow, allowing another six or so past him to finish off the injured humans, ignoring their pleas for leniency as he tracks the little Shadow--the frightened woman, with eyes so green, even by firelight--on its journey towards the far embankment. "I hate it when they thank me."

He sounds like a sulking child even to his own ears, and it's no surprise when his superior laughs, faux cheerfulness ringing through the valley. "I'm told anger management therapy works wonders for that," he says offhand, then pauses, grey-streaked hair falling over his shoulder as he tips his head and fixes Roxas with a measuring stare. "It's not too late to back out if you think you can't handle it, little dude."

Roxas scowls, slamming Oathkeeper's teeth into one of the newly formed Neo Shadows as it tries to skitter past. Its escaping Heart showers them with light. "I pull my weight."

He is the Key of Destiny, after all.

Xigbar sobers. "Never said you didn't. Just don't want to waste a commodity on this little Podunk town if you're not ready for the mission, s'all I'm saying. Chill."

"I'll never be ready enough in your eyes. Stop fussing like some elderly human woman with her offspring's offspring. I can handle a few hapless mortals. I'm just as much a nameless freak as the rest of you."

"Did you just call me your grandmother?" Xigbar drawls, rolling his eyes. "And a giant freakazoid inside of three seconds? Nice, little dude, real nice. Maybe you should watch what you say when you get there if we're gonna pull this off." He turns to shake his head at Axel as the redhead makes his way up the bridge, brow puckering in almost-concern as he looks between them, readying to interject when Xigbar adds, "In fact, don't speak at all. The whole scowly thing makes more sense that way--opening your mouth'll ruin the disarming effect of your adorable little face."

Roxas' scowl deepens, focus destroyed as Axel steps up beside him with that look again--he knows that look, deep down, somewhere where everything still hurts so bad he wonders if there's a point to it all--grunting a greeting as he whirls away, ignoring the little snicker that rings out into the night air as Xigbar senses his agitation. Roxas wants to argue, to scream and rage and make his displeasure known—but there's hardly any point. No one's called it off just yet.

Oblivion sweeps out to crush the nearest creature's--human's--spine.


"With Sora asleep and his deeds erased from our memories, the barrier between the realms of light and darkness are at their weakest. Day by day creatures break through into our reality until all the worlds become an in-between land of malady and chaos."

Riku crouches by Naminé's chair and meets DiZ's jaundiced gaze, watching the old man straighten proudly as he pauses in his proselytizing to make a grandiose, sweeping gesture with his hands.

"This is your mess, boy," he thunders, eyes glowing bright beneath the shadow of his wrappings. "In your ignorance, you created this world. Now it's time to clean it up."


| on to 1; The Herald
Tags: amet, fanfiction, kingdom hearts
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