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What It Wants (1/1): Kingdom Hearts

TITLE: What It Wants
AUTHOR: Amet (amet)
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
RATING: PG-13ish, I think
SUMMARY: Roxas on Riku, bitterness and Sora.
PAIRINGS: Roxas(Sora)/Riku Confusing enough?
WARNINGS: Sexual situations
SPOILERS: If you don't know who Roxas is, maybe a little.
ARCHIVED: Onion Girls
FEEDBACK: Yes please! ^.^
THANKS: To sephyelysian, for making me post this, already. ♥

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This was supposed to be the prologue to a much longer fic, but I've been struggling with what angle I want to write it from for months now. And since the recent surge of Riku/Roxas fic I've realized that this particular scene would take a particular tack with the pairing that has... pretty much already been written. By better writers than me. So, this scene, which I like and could not really tell you why, is going out on its own, and I'm going to get back to writing the main bits of the story from another angle. Whee~

"I hate him, you know."

Roxas says the words matter-of-factly, trying to hide that he's already wanting to take them back, a hopelessly childish sentiment he never meant to reveal. He scowls, hands fisting in the sheets pooling in his lap, sitting up a little straighter. It's annoying being this out of control.

He can't help but slant a quick look at the boy beside him, the pale slope of Riku's back a stark contrast against the smoky, gray-black color scheme of the room, the bed sheets, the crumpled piles of clothing they'd tossed all over the floor earlier in their impatience to get on with it already. His lover looks remarkably content for someone so disaffected, indolence personified as he stretches on his stomach against the sheets for a moment and glances over his shoulder like he can't be bothered to scrape up the energy to turn and face Roxas properly. His head tips, silver-bright hair falling forward as he shifts his weight and presses his chin into an upturned palm.

"How can you hate someone you've never met?"

There's nothing in his voice beyond blank curiosity and Riku's face is that same mask of damnable stoicism he hits on default. It should be infuriating, the way the other boy seems to completely brush him off, ignoring the subtext simmering just below the surface of his words but his eyes make a lie of it, blue-green widening a fraction before he gets it under control, flickering in pain and festering regret. Evading the real question doesn't mean he doesn't get it.

"Because he's all anyone wants me for," Roxas says, rubbing salt in the wound he's not supposed to know is there.

Even you, his mind adds, borrowed heart clenching in the ensuing silence. He doesn't expect an answer. Riku doesn't like to lie, says he respects him too much, whatever that means. Maybe the idiot wishes it wasn't so, emotion gnawing at the too-visible bleeding heart beneath his façade of indifference, but Roxas knows it doesn't matter how sorry he feels.

The heart wants what it wants. No rhyme or reason need apply, and this one wants Sora.

The kid takes everything from him.
Tags: amet, fanfiction, kingdom hearts
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