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Fic: Like Hunny (1/1): Kingdom Hearts

TITLE: Like Hunny
AUTHOR: Amet (amet)
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
RATING: G (gasp!)
SUMMARY: Strangers are just friends you haven't made yet.
PAIRINGS: Hints of Riku/Sora if you squint. Ahaha.
SPOILERS: I'm not thinking any.
ARCHIVED: Onion Girls
FEEDBACK: Yes please! ^.^
THANKS: To sephyelysian, for the beta and the encouragement. ♥

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is just a dorky little drabble-y thing written for seasalts, who wanted Riku, Pooh Bear and "hunny".

"Hello, Somebody-I-Don't-Know," said Pooh Bear, rocking back on his heels as he looked up at his visitor with a polite smile.

"Pooh," said Sora, his own smile growing a bit sickly, "we have got to stop meeting like this."

He rubbed a hand against the back of his neck, at a loss. If somebody'd been messing with the pages of Pooh's book again it was going to take forever to find them all across the worlds, and he'd been hoping for a nice, quiet visit where--and this was important--no one forgot he existed.

It was amazing how stressful hanging out with a bunch of stuffed animals could be.

Pooh looked a bit confused for a moment, muzzle scrunching cutely before he startled. "Oh! I haven't forgotten you, Sora. That would be silly." He beamed. "I was referring... to him."

Sora grinned. Behind him, Riku fidgeted as Pooh pointed a would-be-accusatory-but-this-is-Pooh-Bear paw at him. "Uh... Hi?"

Intimidated by a stuffed bear. Oh man was Kairi never going to believe it.

"Pooh Bear, this is Riku," said Sora, proud when he only laughed a little. "You remember last time I was here, I was looking for him? Well I found him--Heh, obviously. And I brought him with me 'cause... I wanted him to meet you." He glanced nervously behind him. "He's my best friend and I hope he'll be your friend too."

Pooh considered this, craning his neck to look Riku in the eye for a long moment before he told Sora, with all due seriousness, "He's very tall."

Sora laughed. "I know, right?"

Riku looked like he wanted to ask if that was bad or if the bear was just slow, but he held his tongue, taking Sora's playful request to be nice when he'd opened the book earlier as an apparent order to keep his mouth shut. Pooh didn't seem to notice, waddling closer to stick a bright yellow paw out to the taller boy, weaving a little as he stood on tiptoe.

"Strangers are just friends you haven't made yet," said Pooh Bear cheerfully, waggling his paw until Riku took it with a bewildered half-smile. "And they're a bit like hunny--you can never have enough."
Tags: amet, drabble, kingdom hearts
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